How to describe who I am and where I’m coming from?

Well I’m the baby of my family who moved away from home.  I was always the one who said I wanted to “live at home forever” and who didn’t want to move away.  Then surprise, surprise I’ve come to find out that I really enjoy living away from home and being able to come back to visit.

I’m forever struggling between who I’ve grown up to be and how that fits in with my family.  I moved away following after what God was telling me to do and in looking back I barely recognize the girl of then with the woman of now.  I’m just moving through life, trusting God and attempting to learn how to wait on his timing

I love living in SoCal, working in an office, having adventures and going to school. 

I’m a fan of lazy Saturdays, hanging in the sun, and re-reading my favorite books.  I adore old books; The Robe, Jane Eyre, Hamlet, etc.

I love driving down the open road with the sun shining, the windows down and the ipod blaring!  There doesn’t need to be a destination just as long as you are along to enjoy the ride!

I love almost anything cheesy: food… joke…books and even movies!

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