Resolving to Relate

Every day I am more and more convinced that God wants us to have full, passionate, healthy relationships.  And every day I am more convinced that the enemy has gotten us to buy into a lie that what we want, see, experience are more than God could ever give us.  And so I have resolved that I will no longer keep silent.  I will share what God has done in me, what He has spoken and shared with me about relationships, marriage and sex so that we will begin to see and experience all God has for us.

At our youth group we have been going through a series that I titled, “Resolved to Relate: Resolving to do relationships God’s Way.”  It isn’t about rules.  It isn’t about kissing dating good bye.  It isn’t about what we cannot do.  But instead it is about God’s love and promises to us which affects our love towards others.

It all hinges on our identity.  That our identity lies in who God is.  We are literally, as male and female, the image bearer of God and God’s purpose in us was for relationship.  Relationship with Him and relationships with others.  Who we are and how we were intended to relate can only be understood by who God is: love.

And so, if we are made, as the image bearer of Chris, for relationship with God and others, then we must resolve to relate God’s way.  We must resolve to relate in love.  Not in feelings or emotions but in love; a love that gives what the recipient needs not wants, that is not based on condition but instead is based on that recipient being seen as infinitely precious.

God desires that we would give and receive love that is bigger than emotions or momentary wants.  God desires that we would give and receive a love that captures the desires of our hearts, even before we understand them.

Are you willing to begin a journey of resolving to relate God’s way?


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