The Dangerous Man.

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  A day where we celebrate the men in our lives who helped raise us.  For some of us this was our biological father who invested time, talent and treasurers to see us grow into all God wants us to be.  For others it was not biological but instead choice that lead to that relationship.  Regardless, we celebrated all those men; what they did in our lives and what they continue to do in our lives yesterday.

At church yesterday during my pastor’s sermon I started to think about the idea of masculinity.  You see my pastor was talking about “Initiating the Way” to truly loving instead of tolerating.  At one point he focused on the men, physical father’s and spiritual father, and he challenged them to initiate the way.  He challenged them to stop being passive in leadership, in the world, in the church, but most of all, at home.  He challenged them to stand up and to lead.

He then spoke to the women, young and old, and challenged us to stop calling boys and men nice.  (Did you know that originally the word nice in the 1250-1300 meant silly or simple?)  He said that men don’t want to be nice (and ultimately women shouldn’t either) but instead they desire to be courageous and loving and so much more.  Our boys and our men desire to be heroes.  And we as women should want them to be just that: dangerous heroes.

The definition of a hero is: “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”  I once heard someone say that a hero was someone who ran towards danger, when everyone else was running away.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life for something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell

Throughout the bible we read about man after man as warrior, as fighter, as risk takers, as king.  These were heroes who were dangerous and courageous.  Even David, who God himself labels a man after his own heart, was a warrior.  It was because of the amount of blood David had spilled that he could not build the temple.  David was both a man who wrote psalms (poetry) to God and who ruthlessly fought battles for the Lord.  David knew what it meant to be a man of God.

Dangerous, courageous, Men of God.

Is it any wonder than that women go after the bad boys of the world.  There’s a saying that goes “Nice guys finish last.”  This is because women are drawn to men who are dangerous.  There is something innate inside of us that we desire those who are fearless and courageous.  Those who we know will fight for us, will push us past where we dare go on our own. When there is a lack of dangerous, courageous men of God, what we find is the bad boys.  

In my years of waiting, in searching out God’s heart for what He has for me, I have found that I don’t want a “nice” man.  I don’t want a man who won’t lead, who won’t passionately pursue Jesus, who won’t make a stand for the things of God.  I want someone who pushes me to go past where I would dare to go on my own.  I want a dangerous man of God, a warrior for my King.

Men of God – hear me – we need you to initiate.  The world needs you to initiate.  Kids, Youth, Young Adults need you to initiate.  Stop being timid and/or passive.  We need you to lead and to stand.

We need you to learn to be dangerous again.


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