My senior year of college was an emotionally charged time in my life.  If you are a part of my immediate life at this moment you may wonder how much more emotionally charged I could be.  Trust me when I say this is calm.  Anyways, it was a very emotionally charged time in my life due to relationships and the changing of seasons and the unknown.

But that season could also be summed up with this one word: Awe-filled.

I don’t actually think that is a word, but I’ve decided that for me it is.

Awe-filled.  A state of being overwhelmed constantly by the wonder of God – both who He is, His love for us and how that all plays out.

Instead of being awful due to circumstances and situations, I felt awe-filled in spite of the circumstances.

Today I feel the same thing.  I feel awe-filled.  Overcome with gratitude.  Overcome with His love and grace.  In awe of the magnitude of Him and what that means in my life.

Last week at youth group we talked about keeping our eyes on Jesus in spite of the situation in our lives.  We talked about when there is a storm in our life we need to remember that the one who can calm the storm is with us.  Regardless of whether He calms the stormy situations or calms the storm within us, His Word calms.

As I was preparing that message He was ministering to.  Reminding me that “this too shall pass.”  Reminding me that I didn’t have to stay where I was.  Reminding me that He was with me even when it felt rocky.  He was calming the storm within me.  We prayed over youth with impossible situations in our lives and I believed that God would show up in their lives and in my own.

There is so much more to my part of this story that I’m not ready to share yet, but today as I sat here thinking about youth group tomorrow and what God is up to I am awe-filled.  He again is revealing who He is, His love for me and how that plays out in my life.



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