Choosing to Contend

If you read my blog on a regular basis then you might recognize the theme of the last few blogs I’ve posted.  A little under two weeks ago I posted Contending for Abundance about how God was telling me to contend for His abundance in my life: to not settle but to contend for Abundance and the fullness of life.

You would think at this point in my life I would recognize that when you proclaim what God is seeking to give you Victory in the enemy will do anything in His power to steal that Victory.  Almost immediately after writing this blog post, which included a testimony of God’s healing with my sinus’ I began to have sinus issues.

Now, I need you to understand that I waited on purpose to write about this specific healing to show that it was truly God’s healing.  I knew and believed when the prayer was prayed but I wanted to be able to give the testimony of time.  It was important for me to not be hasty, to believe but to show that it was really a healing and not just timing and circumstances.  Nothing changed between when I wrote post and when I started having issues again except that blog post.

So I did a bit of investigation into the word “Contend.”  I knew, kind of, what it meant to contend but wouldn’t have been able to give you a definition.  Now I can:

con·tend verb

  1. To struggle to surmount (a difficulty or danger).
  2. To engage in a competition or campaign in order to win or achieve (something).
  3. To assert something as a position in an argument

Contending for God’s abundance and healing meant that there would be a struggle, I would engage in a campaign (a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting) and would have to continue to assert the Truth against what looked to be true…

It makes me think of Abraham.  Abraham had to contend for the abundance of God, over a long period of life and after a long journey.  God had given him and Sarah a promise, the promise of an heir, a son.  Abraham believed God, even though it didn’t look like this was going to happen.  Sarah and Abraham were realistically too old to have a son and yet, they ended up having Isaac.  Then once they had Isaac, God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, their promise. Even when they had the very thing they had contended for they had to continue to contend for what God has said to them, that they would have an heir, in spite of His request for Abraham to sacrifice the promise.

Abraham and Sarah had to contend for their promise: they had to struggle through time, they had to engage in a campaign of continuing to follow God even when it seemed contrary in order to “achieve” their promise and they had to assert that God would provide, regardless of what it seemed.

In spite of my situation right now, I am choosing to contend: I am struggling through the pain, I am engaging in a battle over my mind and against the onslaught of the enemy and I am asserting that I have been healed and that I have and will have Victory.

This morning as I was spending time in the word, I came across 1 Kings 20:22.  Right before this scripture the king of Israel has fought and defeated the king of Aram according to a word from the Lord.

 Afterward, the prophet came to the king of Israel and said, ‘Strengthen your position and see what must be done, because next spring the king of Aram will attack you again.'”

The enemy will continue to attack and attack and attack.  It isn’t a one time and done battle.  Often the battle is over the same thing with the same “type” of enemy.  The King of Israel wasn’t to think that he hadn’t won against the king of Aram because he would attack again.  Instead, he was to rejoice in the victory, strengthen their position, look to see what needed to be fixed and strengthened because the enemy was going to attack again.

Choosing to contend means that I too must know that the enemy isn’t content to go one round with me and then move on but instead that I need to know that after a Victory I need to rejoice and then take time to be strengthened and take care of those areas of my life that were weakened.  I need to take the time in between battles to ready my weapons, for the question is not whether the enemy will attack again but instead the question is when, how and where.

I have chosen to contend for the abundance of the Lord.

I have chosen to contend for the Lord’s Victory.

I have chosen to struggle and surmount…

I have chosen to engage…

And I have chosen to assert that I have Victory in the Lord.

What have you chosen?


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