The Risk To Create

I’ve always told people that I wasn’t an artist.  I can’t draw, this is a fact and not an opinion.  I was more pragmatic than being an artist meant.  I was creative but not artistic… or so I thought.

About 9 months ago I started painting.  I didn’t really expect anything to come of it but I had some paint, a few canvases and a whole lot of stress to need to relieve.  I sat down to paint and when I was done…


Surprise!! Crazy, right?

Now I know that I’m not the most talented.  I don’t paint according to any technique other than, hmmm I wonder what this would do.  I’m by no means a professional.

But so what!  I’m an artist.  For Christmas I painted at least 15 paintings for a select group of people in my life.  I painted and while painting I meditated upon what scripture I would give to each and every person.  This wasn’t just about a gift but it was about the person and what I believed God was saying to each one.  So one by one the pieces were finished and given away.

Funny thing.  Along the lines of making these gifts I became addicted.  Something infected my soul.  The need to create.

I guess that means I’m an artist then.  The need to create overcoming my fear of failure.  Each piece becoming it’s own.  And the challenge continues.  I became comfortable with acrylic and so in the last month I’ve stretched into watercolor.  Watercolor really has a mind of it’s own.

Painting, I’ve realized, forces me to give up control.  I never know how a piece is going to end up with.  Normally half way through I’m pretty discouraged, this can’t possibly turn into something nice.  Even when the picture part is done, often I’m not too thrilled.  But, I persist.  I put the scripture on, and surprise, I end up liking the piece.

The same is true of life, I’ve found.  It requires us to give up control because it never turns out, either at the end or along the way, to be what we expect.  If we stop too soon and don’t finish we will be discouraged because it just doesn’t look to great.  Good thing a painting isn’t judged by the condition of the product half way through.  The same is true of our lives, it’s about the whole picture not just a part.  Just because it’s messy at one piece and no clear thing is being presented doesn’t mean it’s worthless.  We have to press through till the end.

We also must risk.  We can’t hide our lives from everyone and expect to make an impact.  Life is about creating and then risking it all to show the world.

With that said, I’ve created an Etsy shop for my paintings.  I may never sell a painting, which would be kind of sad, but at least I’m willing to allow people to see.  I would count it a success if just one person was encouraged, inspired, touched by my store.

Check it out, Normal Beautiful.

And then take a look at different paintings I’ve made, some are shown completed and others are half way done. Then… figure out what you were made to create and then take a risk and go after it!

11138579_10205524644027232_1695189377800590877_n IMG_1860IMG_1729IMG_1738 IMG_1730IMG_1864 IMG_1727 IMG_1728 560c793a58c23d1ba97ed2a2f43f5a72 - Copy71ee2147034bc445c56b292c9531bea9 - Copy 589a2eb78b189c52d9bc19572bf4257f - Copy  753d0bf0daf055a8b1d99553f98e34e7 - Copy 09756b5a362d3407e8038d111fa86eb1 - Copy 10352333_10205536782730692_2979209169327662411_n - Copy 10606528_10204436564065913_6041131868485014740_n - Copy 11021211_10205105720234399_7864851782062657770_n - Copy b27590d279e007d8182fbea058180405 - Copy IMG_1830 - Copy IMG_1863 - Copy


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