Living this Unexpected Adventure

At this very moment I am sitting on my own couch, in my own living room, in my own apartment.  Weird.  I’ve never, ever in my entire life lived by myself but here I am, sitting here and very much enjoying myself.

And the best part of this apartment is that it comes with some perks that normally you loose when you live on your own.  The first perk is that I don’t have to worry about the trash can.  My only job when it comes to my own trash is to get it from point A, my apartment, to point B, the trash can.  Someone else then moves said trashcan to the curb and back on trash day.  Might not seem like a big deal, but I’ve never in my life had to do this and I’m happy that I don’t have to start now.

The second perk is pretty handy with all this snow.  Normally I park my car across the street in the parking lot of the Catholic Church but this presents a problem when it snows.  You see the people that plow could car less about me and so they will, if I leave my car there, plow my car in.  Thankfully my landlady allows me to move my car behind hers when there is a storm.  And then, and this is where you shall see that I live a very charmed life, I don’t even have to shovel my car or the drive way.  I don’t even have to brush my car off!! The neighbor and the land lady’s grandson shovel and snow blow everything!

Seriously.. is this my life!  I feel like I need to pinch myself because this doesn’t even feel real.  How wonderful my life is and I got it by just saying YES to Jesus. That saying yes was terrifying at first, it felt so much bigger than me.  But that’s because it was, I didn’t have a job and that meant that at some point in the very near future I wasn’t going to be able to provide for myself.  God said move, Grace (my sweet and spunky landlady) said okay, and so here I am.  And for a week, almost to the day, I settled in, decorated, cleaned A LOT and finished up some projects for the district.  It was quiet and easy and so very needed.  I learned how to be okay with not having much to DO and just BEING.

And then life took an unexpected turn.

A friend was telling me about this company called Wisdom over Wealth that she was using to manage her ministry’s finances.  The company is “A CPA ministry and Trusted Church Advisor.”  They provide payroll assistance, church finances administration, church finances tools, etc.  She encouraged me to contact the founder, introduce myself and give him my resume.  I chuckled, said I’d think about it and moved on with the conversation.  I wasn’t keen on “cold calling” anyone but I kept thinking about that company, they did pretty much what I had just been doing for the district but on a larger scale.  I was intrigued and so I pulled up the website.  I very quickly decided to take a chance.  So without any expectation I sent an email introducing myself and sharing my resume.   Long story short, God’s timing is so intentional.  I went into an interview unsure of what would happen and walked out with a job.

A job where I get to help churches.

A job that matters.

A job where I will be stretched and challenged.

A job that I feel certain I will love.

A job with the freedom to do other ministries.

A job that will provide.

A job where I can work from home or the church or even a coffee shop.

Friday morning I was jobless, at noon I had been offered a job and today I started working.

Jesus is so very good to me.  Saying YES to Jesus means moving into the uncertain with He who is certain.  It means not knowing but still going.  It means letting go of what was and taking hold of what could be.  It means resting in Him and allowing Him to refresh.  And it means walking into the unexpected adventures that He brings you to.

Thank you to all who have been praying for my sanity over the past few months.  Thank you for joining me on this unknown and unexpected adventure.  Know that He always takes care of those who allow Him to provide.  And know, that this is not the end of the unexpected… this is only the beginning!


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