What happened to intentional-ity?

What happened to intentional-ity?

The question started when I saw a post for a new banking system called “Simple.”  Seemed innocent enough until I read the rest of the add, it said something along the lines of let us automatically save for you so you don’t even have to think about it… seriously?  I mean I do get it, I have automatic payments for a bunch of my bills because it is easier.  For me the easier part is that I don’t have to pay more money for more checks to write out those bills.  It’s less to do with one less thing to think about and more to do with saving money because I still sit down at least once a week and balance my check book.  I’m conscious as I go to the store about what I can spend, what is in my account and what bills and expenses will be coming before my next pay check.  I’m intentional about it.

I’m sure for many this may not seem like a big deal but it raises the question, “what has happened to intentional-ity” and how far is “for our convenience” going to go?  

Just take a minute or two as you go about your day and be intentional.  Whether that means sitting down and looking at your finances every so often.  Or whether that means standing at the door a moment longer so you can hold it for the elderly couple who are just a few more feet behind than you would normally wait for.  Learning to live intentionally allows us to see beyond the right now, this minute and see what is going on the world.  When we live intentionally we see injustice and cruelty but we also see beauty and love.  We are able to see both sides of the coin as it flies through the air and maybe… by living intentionally we can affect which side the coin lands on.

Food for thought.


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