Birth Pains

9 months of waiting. 

Uncomfortable, tired and overwhelmed by the miracle inside.
Then the time arrives.

Rush quickly to the hospital, just to wait what seems an eternity.
Hubby pacing, mother spacing and child about to make their grand entrance.

Painful, tearful but beautiful all the same.
The torment of labor quickly diminished by joy of the one they hold.

But can the same be said of a dream. The process seems the same.

And then quickly the pieces fall into place and it has arrived. The dream has been birthed.

But wait. There is more? The pain of birth is just a precursor to the pain of the living?

Dying of self
Continual lack of sleep
emotional tiredness
dry soul
time defecit

The pain of birth, it would seem, is just the beginning and not the end.

Birth was not a thing to be achieved and gotten over but instead was the diving board into the ocean of life.

Birth was not the height of pain or exhaustion or anxiety.
Birth was the Propulsion into a daily pain of living out that dream.

No matter how hard, how long, how ungrateful,
No matter the pain, birth is worth it.
No matter the pain, living your dream is worth it.


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