Growing Pains

Last week I was exhausted.  I knew going into the month of May that it would be a whirlwind of events, traveling, preaching and more preaching.  I had hunkered down, poured a lot into myself and then headed straight into the craziness.  And I made it through, depleted, exhausted and emotional but alive.  

Well in the midst of the week after when I was alive and gaining back my energy but still incredibly tired I was pondering the season that I am in my life.  It is a good season but it is also very challenging.  The last 2 years have been the craziest adventure of my life.  Who would have thought that I would move across the country to a place I had never met and make a life that was truly, a 100% based on who I am.  Who wudda thunk?  Well I did and while it is the best thing I have ever done, it is also the hardest and most soul wrenching thing I have ever done.  Why?  Growing Pains.

I’m not sure about your childhood but mine was one filled with growth.  As the youngest of three, I had a lot of catching up to do.  I was the smallest out of the three of us at birth but today I stand the tallest.  One thing I remember about growing up is that growth spurts hurt.  Some kids don’t feel them, one day they are short and the next they are tall.  For me, it came in spurts and it hurt.  I would wake up in the morning and my legs would ache; not the muscle but the very bones in my legs would ache.  Then the next day it would be my hips.  I remember thinking that I disliked growing because, man did it hurt.

Well I think that same thing today when it comes to personal and spiritual growth.  Man does it hurt.  God asks us to endure some pretty uncomfortable, itchy and achy things as we grow.  And that is where I am at, that is where I have been for 2 years, and that is where I’m pretty certain God intends to keep me.  Why?  I’m never going to “arrive,”  I’m never going to become “perfect” and He wants me to continue to grow in Him and rely on Him.  There will ALWAYS be room for growth.  Looking back on the last 2 years here in the NE, the last 6 years since high school and the last 11 years since I started following Jesus, I’m thankful for the growth.  I’m thankful for all those periods of growth but I’m also happy to no longer be there but instead to be here, in this season of challenge and adventure and love and joy and change and, well growth.

So that has been my thought over the past week.  Growth creates pain.  Not tear your heart out and die pain but instead the ache of growth, the angst of the unknown, the discomfort of releasing and the uneasiness of standing.  But growth is worth it.


What about you?

Are you in a period of growth?  Or are you,like me, forever in seasons of growth?

What is the discomfort and challenge that you are feeling and how do you deal with/process through it?

If you have never felt any sort of discomfort from growth and you have never changed I would challenge you…
are you really living?  And if you are, are you following Jesus because in that journey 
we never arrive at our destination of becoming Christ like.


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