What I learned from 23 days without make up…


Three weeks before Easter my church called a fast.  My pastor asked those in leadership as well as those in the congregation to give up something until Good Friday and intentionally press into the Lord.


Over the past few months the Lord has been challenging me on my habit of wearing make up.  At first it was on Monday’s I felt as though I was supposed to not wear make up, then both Mondays and Saturdays… and then this fast came and I gave it up for each and every day.  For 23 days.

Make up Less

And to be honest, it was a lot harder than I anticipated.  23 days without make up.  23 days being just me.  23 days looking tired.  23 days.  And as the days went on the Lord began to challenge me and this is what I learned:

  1. Being in relationship means allowing people to know you exactly as you are.  Often when we are in relationship we only show people what we want them to see.  This can be seen in how we present ourselves to the world.  Are we okay going out without make up or without our hair done or must we always be put together for the world to see us.
  2. When you only show the very best of who you are, you aren’t showing all of who you are.  Since I’ve started wearing make up it I believed that it was the only way that I was beautiful.  I always struggled with self image and for a time the Lord was content to show me through make up that I was beautiful but at this season God wanted to show me that I am beautiful especially without make up.  He wanted me to learn that I could show all of who I am, without any make up.  That all of me is beautiful.
  3. Sometimes you can create masks to hide who you really hard without realizing that is what you are doing.  I have worn make up for 7 years.  It started with just eye make up, then just a little bit of powder and now it is all make up.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that make up is wrong.  I wore make up yesterday for the first time after 23 days but what I am saying is that we need to know why we do what we do.  Make up started as an expression of creativity but over the years it slowly became a mask to hide who I really am.
  4. Before relationships can be redeemed, before God can purify your heart, you must stop hiding from who you are.  There were things in my life that had never been dealt with.  Sin from high school that the enemy had been bringing up into my life lately.  Through choosing to be transparent is a way that I never have been before God was able to bring to the surface those issues.  God wants to redeem us and He wants to redeem our relationships.  But before he can redeem those things we must allow Him to purify our hearts

There are so many other things that God is still speaking to me but this is the beginning of what God shared me from my 23 days without make up.

Have you ever given something seemingly small up that God used to speak life into your life with?

What was it and what did God speak to you about?


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