Today I posted this selfie.  Now this wasn’t the first time that I’ve posted a selfie.  I post selfies but mostly for the intention that my family will remember what I look like ;) No, but really, I want them to feel as though they get to see me and my life, so not only do I post selfies, but I also post pictures of food that I make and other seemingly random things about my life.  

But today’s selfie had another intention.  

Today I wanted to publicly declare a part of the journey that God is bringing me through as I learn about Sabbath.  Because a part of what I’m learning about Sabbath is that it is about coming back to who God created us to be.

And through that process I am learning that… I am beautiful.  

Doesn’t matter how many times someone else says it to me this is something that I have a hard time believing.  Not as much anymore but it is a theme throughout my life that haunted me. The enemy has spoken lies continually to me that I am not pretty, I’m not good enough, I’m not skinny enough, etc.  Add to those lies the constant pressure from society.  In our culture it’s hard not to wonder and doubt and compare yourself to others when you are constantly bombarded with examples of beauty that is unattainable.  But this type of beauty is unattainable because it isn’t real, the beauties that are shown are portions of real with a lot of artistic imaginings.  But even knowing that with my mind doesn’t teach my heart to quit comparing.  

So how, in the face of unreal and unattainable beauty teach yourself that I AM BEAUTIFUL.

You spend time with the one who created you.  The one that says before you were, I made you beautiful.  You begin to listen to His voice more than the lies.  And then, for me, that meant that I must remove the mask and begin to love and feel comfortable in a life without the mask.  And for me that has led to makeup-less Mondays.

You see, Monday is my Sabbath.  It is the day that no matter what NEEDS to happen I set aside and trust that God has it all under control.  It is my tithing of my time back to the Lord.  This day is about resting in the Lord, allowing Him to pour even more into me so that I can pour out and it’s about coming back to the beginning.  Renewal in it’s most basic definition is the idea of restoring or bringing something back to it’s original state and function.  Sabbath is about renewal and in renewal there is rest, refreshment and refocusing.  God wanted and continues to want to renew my self vision as He renews my world vision.  He wants me to know who I am in Him so that I can be that person.  Well if I don’t see myself as beautiful, even though that is who He created me to be, then I am only see part of who I am.

And so, if you run into me on a Monday, expect to see me makeup-less.  And I pray that you would take a look in the mirror, find where your masks are and ask God to bring you back to the beginning, to who you were created to be and take off the mask.  You will be amazed at the freedom that you will find!


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  1. May I please ask why “if you are willing to answer” that you chose Monday as the day of your Sabbath? I am really interested in hearing your story. Stay happy and stay beautiful

      1. ok thanks for replying. I am a Sabbath keeper from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset but I have also chosen Wednesday as my time with God and not an assembly. I love your blog by the way

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