The Worthwhile Adventure

I believe I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: for most of my life I haven’t been an adventurer.  I was safe.  I was predictable.  Let’s be honest I was boring.  (If you don’t believe me, just ask my sister.)  It wasn’t that I really wanted to be that way but I just didn’t know how to break out of whatever was holding me back.


Then God asked me to GO and that all changed.


Welcome to my life.  A grand adventure where things don’t turn out the way we expect and yet they are better than we ever dreamed of.  I’ve been reminded again and again of this over the past week and I wanted to share.

I’m a youth pastor – say what?  If it was up to me I would never have become a youth pastor but it has challenged me to not rely on myself.  To not stay within what is safe and known to me.  I am great at following rules and defining details but when it comes to creativity that can be hard to come by.  Being a youth pastor is about loving the students, getting outside the box and showing them how to be who they truly are.  

In the show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” which I used to watch on TGIF as a young girl with my sister there is an episode where she is being tested on her magical abilities and part of the test is she is brought into “White Space.”  The “White Space” was a place where she could learn that magic was fun again.  I feel like God has been doing that with me – and in turn I’m doing that with the teens – He’s showing us our White Space so that we can learn that life is fun again and in turn we can just be free to be us.


I work at a district office.  For those who don’t know what this means, I am a part of the Foursquare Denomination, it’s similar to Assemblies of God, started at the Azusa Street Revivals in California.  The Foursquare founder was Aimee Semple McPherson… she was a spit fire and you really should look her up! I love being a part of a denominational family that is listening to where God is going.  Anyways…. within our denomination, which is world wide, is separated into districts within the United States.  I work at the Northeast District office which is over 8 states.  Our job is to help churches and pastors to effectively walk out the calling that God has given them, to help the Kingdom of God advance and to be the denominational support on the ground.  That’s the Kaitlin summed up version of what we do.  And I get to work here.  If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I would be a) where I am at and b) doing what I am doing I would have said you are crazy, but look at me!

I am surrounded by wise individuals at the office and within our district who continually speak life into me.  I am at a learning point of my life, not that I will ever stop learning, but as I’ve never done ministry this way before there are a lot of questions, a lot of things to process through and God thought it best for me to have wise leaders surrounding me.  Wow.


I also plan events.  This doesn’t exactly surprise me because I’ve always been one to want to plan events.  I find joy in it.  Mostly because of the details that it entails.  In high school every year I was on the homecoming dance team and I was a Mr. East Valley Coordinator.  Pretty much both those things involved planning events, a lot of events.  But I guess I never realized how much I enjoyed them until moving to the NE.

 I get to help plan out events, especially camps, which God is able to use to call people into ministry, set hearts free, heal and begin revival.  WOW.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s exhausting.  But it is worth every moment.  As I write this I’m thinking and praying for our Winter Camp which starts tonight and which I’ve been working like crazy to make sure details are in line for.  At this point, I (and the team, they have probably done more than me!) have done all that I can and I must trust that God has everything under control.  He is the one that makes things happen, we are just blessed that He uses us to be a part of the action.


And finally God is asking me to be adventurous.  This means:

Taking a trapeze class which you can read about here.

Facing a broken heart.  

Trusting people

Forcefully possessing His will which you can read about here.

And a couple of other adventurous that in the next 6 months you will read about soon.


God is up to some crazy things, advancing His Kingdom and such, but I can’t help but realize that He’s up to some crazy things in my heart as well.  I can only wonder if that is apart of Him advancing His Kingdom, rearranging my heart, putting it back together and showing me the “White Space” in my own life where I can see that LIFE is fun and where I can learn who I am.


Oh this adventurous life.  The more I say yes the more my heart yearns for adventure.  And it is worthwhile.


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