In the midst of the storm

For a long time all I wanted was not to be in the storm.  Because the storm is scary.  Loud wind, violent rain and shrieking thunderbolts.  I used to think that the storm meant anger.  I thought it meant isolation and ship wrecks.

I didn’t think that anything good could come out of the storm.

Then I met Jesus.

Isn’t it crazy how one encounter can change your perspective.  I didn’t realize how much my perspective had changed until recently.  I realized that things could be about to get a little rocky in my life and that I might just be in the middle of the perfect storm.  But I’m not scared.  Why?  Because I’ve got Jesus by my side and His very presence calms the storm.  His very feet walk on water.  With Him I don’t have to be afraid.  With Him I am not alone.  With Him I don’t have to stay in the ship, let alone become ship wrecked.


And so, out into the storm we go.  Jesus and I.  Prepared to face whatever may come.  Without fear or nervousness but instead with His still presence and peace.  There will be moments that will take my breath away, moments where I won’t be able to see, moments when up seems like down and down seems like up, moments where I loose my stomach and moments where I’m blinded by the light…. but regardless Jesus will be by my side. 

Matthew 14:22-33
Mark 4:35-41


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