Solo Adventuring in Boston

So I began this post mid July but then things got really hectic and hey look… It’s November :) Well I’m currently in a season of adventures. I think I’ve mentioned this a few times but I haven’t always been an adventurer. I was always the one wanting to rethink the adventure than the way to jump right in. Lack of planning, spontaneity and any feelings of chaos frighten me so adventures were not really my thing. Then something changed. My heart. And I began to desire the unknown. I was tired of being safe and I wanted to live. So when I moved to NH I began my #adventuresintheshire.


Well what better adventure than to experience Boston on the 4th of July ALL BY MYSELF!! Not only am I not an adventurer but I also would rather have my adventures with other people. But as I began to think about spending my fourth in Boston the more there was a desire to do it all by myself. And so I did.

And I loved it.

Solo adventuring on the 4th in Boston was relaxing, fulfilling, hilarious and an all around awesome time. I drove in mid-day to the T and rode into the Charlestown MGH station. I then wandered over to the Hatch Shell and Esplanade area to check and see what was up. I was astounded to see 30 different types of law enforcement. There were officers of some sort every few feet BUT this wasn’t intimidating. On the contrary it drew you into the experience because you KNEW you were safe.

From the first moment I felt at home, there was something about the atmosphere that invited you in and caused you to want to be in relationship with those around you. And I did! There was a group of friends who ended up sitting on a blanket by the tree that I was using as my backing. After a little whole we began talking with each other. They were extremely inviting people and by the end of the night I was sharing my pop corn and they were sharing their blanket.

Boston on the 4th can only be described as a family reunion without the drama. Everyone was open and friendly but no one had the history that creates problems. And to hear the Boston Pops on the Esplanade, over looking the Charles River… Who would have thought!!

My season of adventures is leading me to enjoy every single moment. The uncomfortable, the uncertain, the joyful and the undesirable. I didn’t want to be alone on the 4th in Boston but I’m glad I was. Before I can truly appreciate companionship I have to enjoy the presence of only me.

Here’s to the adventures that have yet to be discovered!! If you ever have a chance to spend the 4th in Boston on the Esplanade, do it!


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