This morning in worship one word popped into my mind: reliant.

Reliant – adjective

1. having or showing dependance

2. confident; trustful

We as human beings are reliant. No matter how whole of a human being, no matter how happy or independent the truth is that you were created to be reliant.

We are either reliant on the world. We look to other people to make us happy. We look for others to provide for us both emotionally and physically. We look for acceptance, status, etc. from other people or things. I would say that most of the time this falls under the first definition of reliant because we are dependent upon someone/something.

Or we are reliant on the Lord. Looking to the Lord to provide everything that we need: correction, joy, peace, provision, happiness. And this has everything to do with the second definition that being reliant upon the Lord has to do with being confident in Him and trusting His goodness.

When we are not confident in the Lord and we don’t trust that He will provide and that He has the very best for us then we automatically are dependent upon other people and/or other things. And when we are dependent on people and things then we are unable to be reliant upon the Lord.

The Lord gave us free will and that free will means that we must choose whether we will be reliant upon God or the world.

The word today is reliant. We are reliant. I am reliant. But the question and the choice is are you going to be reliant on the world or are you going to be reliant on the Lord.


4 thoughts on “Reliant

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s thought provoking. :) I wonder if when we are reliant on the Lord, he asks us to also depend on other people as a part of being the church. Sometimes my very dependence on other people is what draws me closer to Jesus. As a child I was very dependent on my parents. Because of their faithfulness to Jesus and my trust in them, I am now at the place I am with Jesus. What do you think?

    1. I would agree but I think although it is a dependence it also has to do with trust. So when we are reliant on the Lord and He asks us to “depend” on other people it’s not that we take our eyes off Him but more that we become vulnerable to trust them because we are reliant on Him not them. Does that make sense? Love it Whit! $

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