Meet Penelope :)

This is Leonard. He was a kind old gentleman who was almost always up for an adventure. He served me faithfully for more than two years… from Washington to California to Washington to Massachusetts to New Hampshire and around. For almost two years he gave me barely any problems. Then… his health started failing. This picture is from the day I said goodbye to Leonard for a whole whopping $260.00!

But let’s back up because really the goodbye is more of the end of a story than the beginning. About two weeks before this picture was taken I got up on a Sunday morning, got ready and started on my way to church. Before I left the apartment I was doing a bit of devotional and I read Mark 14, “The disciples left, went into the city and founds things just as Jesus had told them. So they prepared Passover.”

What struck me that morning about this passage was that when the disciples were obedient to what Jesus told them to do His promise came to completion. And as I read this I heard God tell me, “Kaitlin if you are faithful to be obedient to what I have called you to then what I have promised, provision for your needs, will always be fulfilled.” I accepted this and moved on my way. Out the door, down the steps and into my car. I started Leonard and went down the hill to the stop light which was red, I stopped at the light and when it was green I pressed my foot on the gas to go. Leonard reved but would not go forward. The poor guy just couldn’t and wouldn’t go.

My pastor ended up coming and picking me up. Well long story short… Leonard’s transmission was leaking so my transmission fluid was super low but that wasn’t even the worst part… when my pastor checked my oil he noticed that it was like a creamy color. If you know anything about cars (which I didn’t) you know that this means that there is water or coolant leaking from your engine into your oil which means that at any time my car was going to kick the bucket.

It’s actually rather funny because the last time Leonard had a problem when I realized he wouldn’t start I cried. This time I laughed. How funny was it that just before going out to my car the Lord had spoken to me that if I was faithful in what He was calling me to do that He would provide. So instead of freaking out I just shrugged and said, “Okay God, let’s do this!”

And thus began two weeks of searching for a car that was going to last but wasn’t too expensive. In the midst of searching for a car which I discovered is a full time job in and of itself, my work had three large events and youth winter camp that I was getting ready for. I worked close to 12 hour work days while still trying to look for, look at and check up on different cars. And throw in the midst that I got a sinus infection and wasn’t sleeping well for at least a week of the search. There got to a point where I was test driving a car and I just started crying. I didn’t know what to look for in a car, all I wanted to be doing was sleeping and everything hurt.

but God was in the midst of it all.

With every door that slammed shut in my face. With every loan that I was denied and even with the car place that made me cry He was there. He knew where He wanted me to go, when He wanted me to find it and what car was for me. And miraculously one day I got so tired of looking that I googled, “car shops in NH that finance.” I knew that God was going to provide but I didn’t know what else to do. I was weak, weary, stressed and hurting.

And I found a car shop that was literally 5 minutes from my work with a car that was in my price range. So the next day I went to look at the car during work, I test drove the car and while I was driving the car I called my pastor. “This is where I am supposed to get my car from. This is the place.” There was something about the way that everything happened. When I walked in everyone came out to say hi to me. They didn’t ask me how much I make or anything they just allowed me to look at the cars. In talking it came out that I was a pastor and worked at the district office… the guy who was looking to sell me the car, Juan, was astonished and excited. He was a Christian too and the guy who worked on the cars was a youth leader. As I checked out the cars, talked with the guys and filled out the loan application I had peace. I mean I was a mess… I was shaking and my stomach was doing this weird somersault dance but there was peace. At one point Juan looked at me and said, “Selling you this car doesn’t matter. I could easily get someone to buy it tomorrow but what matters to me is helping you because I believe that is what I’m supposed to do.”

And he did. That night he prayed for me and my situation, he talked with the bank about my loan and the car, and when I was approved he personally called me and went into the shop to make sure that I would be able to pick up the car. And after a long search… I quickly was going to have a car. The day that I picked up my car was extremely stressful. I had to get a check for my down payment, I had to find insurance on my own and send a binder into the bank and then I had to get over to the car shop to pick it up… on top of getting everything together for work. But it all happened and I have my car!

Now over a week later I have a huge peace about everything that happened. I’m still tired. I’m still working on getting over being sick. But… God provides. He knew all along what He was doing and He had everything in control. And the greatest part about when God provides is that He often uses other people to do it. And over and over again He has used my work to bless me and those in my church family to look out for me and to make sure that I’m provided for. It’s never expected but it is always appreciated. Without God’s faithfulness and their obedience I would be in a very different place right now.

So without any further ado.. I would like to introduce you to Penelope!


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