The God out there in Here. <3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’m sorry.  Blogging and journaling are my way of processing my life.  I find that I am able to process through and apply what God is doing and saying in my life the best when I journal and/or blog about it.  I also have found that when God speaks something to me it is all about me and yet not about me at all.  I am not adequately living the life I am called to live if I am not sharing what God is sharing with me.  Well… one of my pastors and I were talking the other day and, with that look that a mom would give, she asked when was the last time that I blogged.  And I knew… I had been pushing aside something that is essential for my sanity. So, please forgive me!

But me not posting doesn’t mean that I haven’t had anything to share.  My not posting is because I have so much to share that I can’t decide what to say.  I guess I can’t complain right?  That won’t get any better if I wait any longer so I’ll just start with one and go from there. So… here we go! :)

A couple of weeks ago I started and finished the book “The Monday Morning Church” by Jerry Cook..  While I was reading I was caught by the fact that a lot of what I was reading weren’t new notions but instead they were hitting me in a way that I hadn’t caught before.  I was blown away by the truth that we aren’t called to be the church of Sunday morning but instead we are called to be the Body of Christ every single day.  The point of Christianity isn’t Sunday morning but insead the point of Sunday morning is equipping Christians for Monday through Saturday.  Along the same idea my job as a pastor isn’t to do ministry to people but instead it is to equip people to be ministers.

The same week that I was reading this book one of my pastors’ sons had a near death experience.  He was at work and because of different circumstances he got Carbon Monoxide poisoning; the fact is that with the levels of carbon monoxide that were in his blood he should not be alive today.  But believers across the world prayed for the Lord’s healing over him and so today he is ALIVE.

Why?  Why is a man who should be dead alive today?
Because the God out there is in Here.

In the Old Testament we are able to witness God through His power.  We see God through His power of creating.  God is so powerful and so righteous that the Israelites wouldn’t come into His presense and when Moses came out of His presence his face was shining.  The Lord was symbolized and understood by the Israelites to be powerful and to be seen through wind/clouds and fire He was the God out there that allowed His presence to come upon the Tabernacle.

Then in the New Testament we witness the God out there coming to be in the presence of His people through Jesus.  Jesus is Immanuel, God with us.  Literally the God we see in the Old Testament, the all powerful God, came into flesh in the form of Jesus.  He walked among humans.  In His name demons were cast out, the blind could see, the lame walked, the mute spoke and the dead rose to life.  He humbled Himself and became the atonement for our sin.  And then… God’s power shined forth as Jesus rose from the dead.  Through Christ’s death and resurrection we see that His power defeated the grave. 

It is at this point, after being risen from the grave but before going to Heaven, that Jesus let’s us know that God isn’t done yet.  He tells His disciples that there is more to come but to wait in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father.  They ask what this is and He just says, “You’ll see.” 

If you keep reading into Acts, Chapter 2 you then read about the day of Pentecost.  As the disciples were in the upper room they heard a great wind coming into the building.  The disciples weren’t just random men who had walked alongside Jesus but they had studied the Old Testament. They were experiencing Pentecost with the understanding that when the Israelites had experienced a great and mighty wind it was the presence of God.  As they stood in that room they knew that God was there. They then witnessed a ball of fire in the middle of the room and, just as God lead the Israelites using a column of fire, they knew that this too showed God’s presence in the very room.  Then, unexpectedly, the fire began to seperate and settle above each of their heads. They knew then that not only was God in the room but He now resided within each of them

Wait what?!? Pause. Did I just read that right? The God that led the Israelites, the God out there… the God that was so powerful that the Israelites wouldn’t come into His presence for fear of dying… that same God didn’t just come in the form of Jesus? Instead He did something even greater?!?  He came to reside, with all that same power, inside of usWoah!? I don’t know about you but that makes my heart race a little faster. Suddenly, God asking us to do the seemingly impossible seems possible.</p>

You see, my pastor’s son is still alive because God is still a God of power.  He is still the God who heals the sick, raises the dead and defeated the grave.  Same God, same power, different residence.  You see instead of God being on the outside, instead of being seperate or being inside ONE person, He is inside of all of us.  That is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is God’s empowerment, His power, so that we can do the work that He calls us to do. 

All of a sudden it makes sense why the point of the Church isn’t Sunday but instead Monday, right?  It also shows by what way God enables us to be His church on Monday.  Because He is inside of each of us we are able to be Jesus to anyone and everyone.  We have become Immanuel, God with us.  This means all that God is asking us to do is to release control to Him and He will do the rest, in His power, not ours. 

I can tell you right now that I don’t have anything to give.  I am an ugly, shallow, insecure and selfish person. (and by ugly I mean my actions and attitude)  But the God inside of me is not and He has EVERYTHING to give.  It is when I release control to Him that His love, power, beauty, joy, etc. is released. 

So what if we truly understood that it is thorugh His power not our own that we are to live and to ministry?  What if we truly believed that His power was enough?  What if we sought His glory to be shown in our lives and that His power would be manifest in our lives?  What if we went after all that the Lord has given us in our lives because He already has conquered?  What would happen?!?!

I can tell you… the sick would be healed, the lame would walk, the mute would talk, the dead would rise and people would be proclaiming the name of Jesus on every street corner!!

So this is my challenge for myself and for you.  Ask Jesus to show you His glory.  Ask God to reveal His power to you.  Ask that His might, glory and power would be evident in everything that you do.  And then hold on because I believe that God’s power is going to show up.  As I type my heart is jumping inside of me because of the Adventure that God is just waiting to take us all on if we would have faith, ask and then surrender to His power!

Well… what now? Go and seek His power for His glory!!!! The next time someone tells you about their sucky life, ask them, “What do you need?” and trust that the God of power is going to show up!!


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  1. Awesome post! I love your writing style with the bold sentences and italics. Just reading through that helped me focus less on me and remembering that we are not on this earth for ourselves! good challenging post.

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