Letting the Kaitlin inside Out!

At this point in my life I’m not really sure what God is doing.  Seriously.  But the funniest thing is that I am totally alright with it.  Because I know who I am and I know who God is.  The past 5 months has been a testimony that the Lord has even greater things for me than I could ever ask or dream of.  Every expectation, desire, want, etc of the past 5 months have been blown out of the water.  I have nothing left to even guess what the Lord is going to do next.  It seems that every day there is something new that the Lord is doing and it catches me by surprise.  Well… I guess that’s what my Adventures in the Shire are all about, right?  Living my life fully, every day and experiencing things I have never experienced before.

Well I came to realize the other day that there is as a little girl inside me desiring to live life by twirling in a too big ball gown.  There is this little Kaitlin inside of me that reminds me what it means to dream.  It reminds me to twirl around and enjoy the dream.  To not be worried about what is going to happen next but instead to think only of the now and the what could be.  I bought an adventure the other day… that I will talk about when I do it… but when I was talking with my sister about it she asked me where this little sister had been.  She wanted to know why all of a sudden I was living my life through adventures because before this I was always scared.  I was so consumed with the bad that could happen and I was scared of the dreaming that come when you live in adventure that I shrunk away.  Well… I no longer am.  I am allowing the little Kaitlin inside of me… the one that pretends and twirls and wears ridiculous outfits out into the world to experience all that God has for me. 

Well… of all the adventures I have yet to experience I think that my last adventure was probably the weirdest.  I’m not kidding… it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I modeled as a bride.  Yep… I modeled… as a bride.  At this point in my life I am neither of those things.  Now you have to understand that before this I had never even tried on a wedding dress let alone pretended to be a bride.  I have been careful in the last few years to be present in my life today and not to wait to live my life.  And I also am usually really self conscious about photos.  For so long I felt unlovely that I didn’t like pictures to be taken of me.  So it’s a big thing that I would be so willing to model.  But… I wanted to help and hey, it was another adventure!  The photographer was my friend Savannah… and man is she good!  I am so proud of the woman that she is and for the dream that the Lord has given to her.  She is such a sweet person with a whole lot of personality!  She is seriously going places.

So last Saturday I borrowed and put on a wedding dress… did my classic Kaitlin updo, put on my make up and we headed on out.  We went to a cute little hidden park right off the road by the Manchester airport and we set about taking pictures.  Well here are 2 things that I will remember for my wedding: 1. The end of October is way too cold to take pictures outside and 2. just to enjoy myself and the pictures will turn out.  And man was it a blast!  It was me, Savannah and Savannah’s parents who are my pastors… we laughed and froze together.  Below you will see the pictures which turned out really great.  It is so weird seeing myself in a wedding gown.  Seriously.  Strange.  But it makes me excited because I know sometime in the future, with the right person and at the right time it will be me.  Check out the pictures from my adventure, Savannah’s blog and if you live in MA or NH hit her up for pictures!!

Here’s to new adventures and bright futures!!


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