Live Free or Die…?

I currently live in New England… in New Hampshire to be specific.  It is an incredibly beautiful state.  I have never fallen in love so quickly… at least with a location.  Friday was my four month anniversary of living in New Hampshire and in those fours months I have begun learning about this region that I now call home.   The state motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die” and I was recently sharing this with my dad.  He commented that that wasn’t a bad way to live… and that that very idea was what our country was first founded upon.


The thing that I have realized though is that although the motto “Live Free or Die” is founded upon the very foundation of our country, the reality is that the true attitude that goes with this motto is one that disregards authority, that is my way or the highway.  It is about being free from rules, free from responsibility, free from anyone elses expectations.  This type of freedom builds walls.  This type of freedom creates rebellion.  This type of freedom is of the world.  This type of freedom is only temporary.

This freedom really isn’t free.

This morning at church I saw a shirt that said “Live Free, He died.”  How true is that.  We are enabled to have freedom, to live free because Christ died.  Upon His death the bondage of death was broken over our lives.  But… to obtain that freedom we must also die.  We must die to ourself, die to the world… we must lay down the old self to live in the freedom of the new that comes from Christ.

The funny thing is that the saying of New Hampshire explains to a tee the truth of why Christ died.  “Live Free or Die.”  You see when humanity fell we were seperated from God and from His life giving Spirit.  Without His Spirit we only have a momentary life not eternal life.  So if we don’t live in the Freedom that Christ procurred then we are living in death.

The truth of the matter is that as human beings our humanity wants to live in the Freedom that is provided by the world.  The one that satisfies our humanity, right now… it’s easier because it is in our nature and for our current state.

But… in the end, without His life, there is only death and that, my friends, is not true Freedom.

So…. truly… our choice is to… Live Free or Die.


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