Quick… Pinch Yourself!

I have had this thought on more than one occassion.  Quick… pinch yourself!  Is this really my life???  Now most of the time when someone asks that question it is in a negative sense.  It is usually, man is this really my life, is this all that it can be, etc.  My “Is this really my life?” was more of an unbelief that the Lord would give me all this and more.

Almost a montha ago I was given the opportunity to preach on a Sunday morning to a warm and welcoming congregation: New Life Community Church in Manchester, NH.  I love this church.  The pastors are two amazing individuals, the congregation is full of young and old alike and are all so loving and welcoming.  And I had missed them.  You see this was the first church that I was blessed to visit when I arrived 3 months ago.  And from the very first Sunday that I was there they welcomed me in.  I was invited to so many things I didn’t know what to do with myself.  As I moved to visiting the other churches in the area whenever I saw someone from this church they would ask when I would be coming back.

Then about 2 months ago, I was asked to speak this Sunday.  I was excited to come back and to be able to share what the Lord had been speaking to me for this group.  As I came into church, greeted people and then shared the Word.  I knew that the Lord was working and speaking but I never expected Him to show up the way that He did.  I am still to this day blown away that the Lord gave me this opportunity!

But really…. the “Quick… pinch me” moments didn’t stop then.  After preaching at New Life Community Church I declared that as my home church, went to the Elder’s retreat and was asked to speak at another New England church.  A week after preaching at New Life Community Church I preached at South River Communtiy Church in Marshfield, MA.  It was the most adorable little New England church with really friendly people.  I was blown away that I was being given the opportunity to share the Word AGAIN!

So… in the last month I have gotten to preach twice, went on an Elder’s Retreat and tomorrow I am being installed as an Assisting Pastor at New Life Community Church in Manchester, NH.  Maybe I moved to New England with too low of expectations but almost 4 months in and I no longer have expectations… the Lord has blown any expectations that I ever had out of the water.

So you see… my life is better than it ever has been.  The Kaitlin that is sitting writing this blog post is not the same girl who: started this blog more than a year ago, who wrestled with what the Lord wanted me to do when I graduated, who graduated from Life Pacific College or who moved to New England just 4 short months ago.  The Lord has brought me to this place to bloom! And, although the enemy continues to attempt to steal my identity, I have never felt so secure in who I am, in my calling, in my placement and in the fact He is going to continue to refine and bring me into who He has destined me to be.  He continues to challenge me: to live above the standard, to be a life giver, to be intentional, to learn, and to live each day as an adventure waiting to be discovered!

In less than 4 months my identity and my life have changed completely.  I often have to pinch myself to make certain that this isn’t a dream.  And in that place my prayer is that the Lord would never stop exceding any expections that I may have for this adventure AND that I would never stop living my life as an adventure!


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