My Adventures in the Shire

“The only question in life is whether or not you are going to answer a hearty “YES!” to your adventure.” Joseph Campbell

I am a rather unlikely adventurer.  I am not a risk taker.  I like to plan.  I like safety and predictability.  Or at least that is the identity that I clung to for so long.  BEFORE.  When I didn’t know who I was and I was uncertain of the person that I knew me to be.

Then Jesus came along.  Not literally…. Jesus didn’t “walk” into my life one day.  It was more that Jesus snuck into my heart.  I heard about Him, learned about Him and witnessed what He was about until there was nothing else to do but surrender it all to Him.  That in itself was the first step into adventure.  I gave over control, I gave over choices… I gave over my life.  And He was there; in my heart and in my life.

That was almost 10 years ago.  Feels like yesterday and forever all at once.  And step by step the Lord has been teaching me to TRUST Him, to KNOW who I am IN HIM and to ENJOY every adventure that He brings me to.  He has taught me to let go, move forward and go with the flow.

And somewhere along my journey this is what I have figured out: Life is an adventure. Kind of like the adventure that Bilbo Baggins’ find himself on in “The Hobbit.” Often unexpected and sometimes dangerous.  Sometimes that adventure hits some unexpected bumps… money runs out, people leave us, we come up against a dragon, etc.  But that doesn’t mean that the adventure is bad or a failure… instead it means that you have to be intentional to realize the beauty of the adventure in those moments.  And you have to stick it out to make it through.

I’m thankful that my current adventure(s), my Adventures in the Shire, seems to be one with less bad than good.  Every day I wake up and I can’t believe that this is my life.  I can’t believe that I get to live on the East Coast, work in the district office and meet new, wonderful people.  I can’t believe that there are so many leaders so willing to pour into my life.  I can’t believe that I have met some of the wonderful people that I have met and fallen in love with in the past 2 months.  I just can’t believe that THIS is what God has brought me to…. but I am so very thankful for it!!

Life is an adventure.  That isn’t a decision, it just is.  The decision is how you are going to face it.  Are you going to run away and hide; take the safe and boring route? Or…. are you going to jump up, grab hold and swing wild and free into the action?

Before God opened my eyes to the journey that is life I would have classified myself as safe, a planner, someone who didn’t like plans to be changed.  But I’ve changed.  My classification has changed.  Or maybe… I have learned who I truly amI am a full throttle, all in, might as well try it sort of girl. And so in the 2 months that I have lived in New Hampshire these have been my adventures:

  • Traveling cross country to move!! Eeekk!!
  • Went to Boston (and absolutely fell in love!)
  • Starting not just 1 but 2 new jobs… part of my internship! :)
  • Went to my first official New England Clambake!
  • Had lobster for the first time… or at least first time that I remember and first time eating it on my own!!
  • Run my first ever 5k (THE COLOR RUN)…. I only really ran 2ks but…. I still finished!!!!
  • I went to youth camp for the first time.  I know “gasp, shock, horror!” that it was my “first” but oh well! and I LOVED it!!
  • Met SO MANY new and wonderful people!
  • And I have started driving all over New Hampshire and Massachussets exploring!
  • and so much more…..

So you see… God wants to take you on an adventure.  His plans are better than your plans.  His adventures are beyond your wildest dreams.  What you have to do is sit back, let go and say “YES!” to Him.

What areas of your life is God challenging you to let go, to sit back and to trust Him?  What adventures is He itching to take you on?  I challenge you… to face each day expecting there to be an adventure.  Look at your life and realize the adventure and then… Thank God for it!!


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