When there is nothing else…

In the (almost) 2 months since I arrived on the East Coast there has been one reoccuring theme and the funny thing is that it is exactly what the theme of my last year of college was.


You see when you move across the country to a job where you know only one person you realize that you HAVE nothing.  When you graduate from a bible college and get thrust (in the best possible way) into ministry you realize that you truly KNOW nothing.  What you do HAVE and who you do KNOW is Jesus.  He is EVERYTHING.

In a new area.  Meeting new people.  Learning new jobs.  In the midst of it all the only thing that is constant, the only thing to rely on is Jesus.  I guess that seems like a pretty simple thing but really it has struck me over and over in the last 2 months.  Jesus is everything.  He is all that I need.

When there is nothing else… there is Jesus.


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