When Your Heart chooses a Home <3

There is a moment when something magical happens… sometimes it takes a year, sometimes just a few months… for some people it happens when they get settled, others it is when they make friends and others it takes something else to truly feel apart of an area… but there comes a moment when your heart chooses a home.

When I moved to California there was never a thought that crossed my mind that Cali would become home.  The truth was it was almost like I was serving my time in Cali before I could go back to Washington which was home.  I fought against anything and anyone who suggested that any place could become home.  But then God began to speak.  He began to show me that if a place became home it didn’t mean that took the title from somewhere else.  He began to show me that home didn’t have to be a location and wasn’t bound to one per person but instead had to do with where your heart connected and dwelt.  As I began to learn more about the home and my own heart, I began to release myself to make a home in California.  For me it wasn’t a sudden thing that happened but instead it was a slow progression as the people in California snuck into my heart.  And then one day I realized that I was excited to fly to WA but I was just as excited to fly back to Cali because they both were home!

But allowing myself to feel at home, allowing my heart to choose California as a home made leaving that much harder.  I knew that God was calling me to the Northeast, I knew that God had something great for me and yet… I was still leaving a piece of my heart and it hurt.

It’s funny because I went from one home, California, spent time in my original home which I had spent so much time running from, Washington, to move to a new home, New Hampshire, that wasn’t home quite yet.

When I finally arrived in the Northeast, I knew that it was just a matter of time until this became my home.  God has been whispering to my heart that if I would go where He calls me, He will help me to love where I am planted.  I expected it to take a while, for me to gain more friends and fine a home church and then slowly this would become my home.  That isn’t what happened.  In all actuality my moment happened after only 3 weeks of living in the Northeast and it actually happened while I was flying into LAX in California.  It’s funny because I didn’t realize the moment for what it was.  As the plane was descending into LAX I looked out the window and thought, “wow! it looks so brown… nothing like home.” But I never realized that I had called the NE home until I was back in the Boston airport and I was telling my boss that I was waiting for the bus but I wasn’t home yet.  It hit me then.  I had said home… and it was so natural and so true.

My heart had choosen and had decided that this was home.  I don’t know the length that this is home, I don’t even know the whole reason why this is home but it is.  God has called me to this place, my heart has choosen to reside here and so…. from this time on, this too will be home.

Home is where the heart is… and sometimes where your heart chooses as home it surprises you!

Are you allowing God to open your heart to new places, adventures and experiences?

What does your heart need to call a place home?


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