In the midst of God’s presence

On my way to the East Coast my dad and I stoped at Niagara Falls.  I had never been and my dad hadn’t been since he was a teenager.  Now I’ll let you in on a little secret… I am a huge tourist.  I love visiting different places, taking pictures and sharing with those that I love.  And Niagara Falls was on my bucket list.

The thing is I never thought that there would be that much water and power… I could never have imagined without seeing it with my own eyes how incredible it was.  As I looked at the water’s strength and the beauty of the waterfalls I couldn’t help but remember how BIG God is.  I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could look upon this wonder and question the existence of God.  As I walked I couldn’t help but recognize God’s presence.

I’m not saying that I had actually forgotten how BIG God because that isn’t true.  Instead it’s just that I hadn’t been focusing on His BIGNESS.  You know how you know that your family loves you but there are those moments, like when your sister gets married or whole family flies to visit you that, when you realize and remember just how much they love you.  This is what it was like, I knew how Big God was… but it took this moment for me to REMEMBER how BIG God truly is.

Often when I was living in California, I would be walking from one part of my college campus to another and I would become overcome with the beauty surrounding me.  More times than I can count my eyes would tear up as the weight of God’s blessings in my life would overcome my thoughts.  Instead of thinking about how awful the world is or life was I was overcome again and again how awe-filled I was by who God is and His incredible, indescribable love for me.

Well… those feelings and those realizations were exactly what went through my head as I was looking at Niagara Falls.  I was filled with awe at what God had created.  I was remembering again how BIG God is and how beautiful His creation is.  I was filled with awe over how blessed I was to see this miracle.

And then I arrives in the Northeast.  And to be perfectly honest with you… I don’t think that there has been one day that something has not taken my breath away.

The blue sky that is too blue and clear to be real.  The white clouds that look as though they are cotton balls just floating in the air.  And the bright green trees that whisper about their Creator when you look at them.

The truth is God is here.  God is here in the history.  God is here in His creation.  But more importanly with every cloud that hangs in the air, every river that surges forward and every tree that the wind whispers through the Lord is showing His presence.  When I drive through this region, as I walk through these towns God shows up.  As I pray for the people that I am meeting, those I have yet to meet and those within this region what I walk away with is that they are not forgotten.

This past week I was at youth camp and again I was in the midst of God’s presence.  What He showed me was that He was already moving in this people.  That just as His presence was to be found in what I could see and His creation that His presence was also to be found in the people, and specifically this week the youth of this region.  That when I was in the midst of God’s people I was in the midst of His presence.

How do you experience God’s presence?

Where is God trying to show himself that you are absent mindedly ignoring?


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