This is not what I thought…

When I came to New Hampshire I’m not sure exactly what I expected but it wasn’t what I found. When I thought about moving here I felt honored and I was so thankful for the opportunity… what I have found is that people are happy and so thankful that I am here.

I expected to work hard and just makes ends meat. I knew that I would be taken care of but not this way. Everyday I turn around and God is using people to bless and provide for me in more than I ever expected. Over the past four years at college I was faithful to do my part knowing that God would provide. I learned how to depend and trust God… but now God is teaching me to trust Him to provide through others. God is teaching me to allow others to help me.

I knew that God had opened the door for me to journey out here but it wasn’t until I arrived here that I knew for certain I am suppose to be here. I expected for this place to hrow on me, to sneak up into my heart… but the truth is that as I spend time with the Lord, as I explore the area I am at home. I don’t know for how long or for what reason but I do know I am home for now.

And last but not least I didn’t expect to feel God so greatly. At work, in my car, in my surroundings, in everything I feel God. This region is so broken and hurting but God is so much bigger than all that. God is moving here. His presence is all over this region in a way I never expected.

Im not exactly sure what I expected bit God is doing things that I never expected.


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