When God Answers

I started this blog a year ago… a year is a long time.

I had just been dumped.  I usually like to just say that we had broken up but the reality was… I had been dumped. This wasn’t the first time, I had been dumped before and I was actually very use to rejection from guys.  The thing was I thought this relationship was different and when things didn’t work out the way I thought God was telling me they were I didn’t know what to do. 

I was confused, hurt and broken.  The more that I tried to keep it together the further I fell apart.  And I couldn’t stop asking God, “Why?”   This blog was my way of working through what was going on, allowing God to speak to and through me.  Instead of answering my questions God told me to wait… never telling me what to wait for.  And in the midst of waiting, He taught me how to wait, He taught me more of who He is and in turn He taught me who I was.

It is crazy to see where a year takes you and how God was orchestrating all the pieces to culminate into where you are today.

I can see that when God told me to wait and expectantly wait that He wanted to bring me to this place.  I can see that everything He has ever done for me has prepared me for the next step and in turn all the steps up until this point has brought me here.  This leads me to the realization that what God is doing in me today is preparing me for where He will take me tomorrow.  The why that I had asked is answered by today.

I can’t help but wonder if I would be here today if I hadn’t dated the boy who inspired my creation of this blog.  I can’t help but look back at the past year and a half and see how God used him to make me think about and even begin to consider the East Coast.  I can’t help but see how God used that for this.  And I can’t help but be thankful!

Sometimes God doesn’t answer our questions when we expect Him to answer them. I thought I had already gotten my answer and/or that I wasn’t going to get an explanation.  But today is my answer.

Sometimes God doesn’t answer our questions in the way that we expect Him to answer them.  But being here is my answer.

If you have or are asking God something… hold on, keep listening and allow Him to answer in His own way and time!


2 thoughts on “When God Answers

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  1. Thanks for this blog! My ex cut me out of his life 9 months ago, and I was (and still am) heartbroken. But I turned to Spirituality about 6 months ago and have heard whispers during meditation. God whispered “wait”, “look within” and “525” to me which I’m assuming is my angel number. It basically means to have faith and trust that things are happening in divine timing. BUT like you mentioned in this blog – I don’t know WHAT I’m waiting for! God is very vague! :-) There are a few things I have specifically wished for like reuniting with my ex and finding a better job. But so far I just feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life! I know I need to be patient, but it’s just so frustrating sometimes!

    1. Roxie thanks for the comment. People are messy especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Waiting is good but God’s waiting means action. Take this time to know Him more and to allow Him to teach you who you are. Dealing with heartache is a process of time but believe me, God is going to work through you if you seek Him!

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