And so the Adventure Begins!

I received some extremely exciting news today but I feel like I can’t start at today to adequately explain it so let’s rewind about a month or so…

A few months ago I was approached with an opportunity or at least the beginning of what could be an opportunity after graduation.  It was an opportunity that would require me to stretch, to be uncomfortable, to risk but mostly to trust God.  Long story short, began to explore the option.

But there were a bunch of things weighing on my shoulder:

I still owed money for this semester.
I still needed to pass my polity interview.
My parent’s were not too thrilled about my possible opportunity.

Well fast forward to two weeks ago:

I received an endowed scholarship to pay for the rest of my semester.
I am now recommended to be a Foursquare pastor.
My parents gave me their blessing for whatever I choose to do after graduation.

And today… I found out that I am officially going to be interning in New Hampshire for a year with the Northeast District Office under the District Administrator.  The opportunity is huge!  I will be working in a field that I enjoy learning new skills, with new people in a new place.  It is such an adventure!

Early this year the Lord told me that He was going to be taking me on a journey… this wasn’t exactly how I thought the journey would look like… BUT THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER!

And so…. as my time in college ends.  As I step out of my current job and pass that on to the new fortunate student my journey has only just begun…


Ask where God is asking to take you into a journey. 

Ask what is hold you back, what concerns you and ask for clarity.

Then when you hear from God, pray boldly about the adventure He is taking you into.

Where do you think God wants to take you? 


3 thoughts on “And so the Adventure Begins!

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  1. That is so exciting!!! What a great opportunity. :) Tiffany told me tonight that you’re moving, so I had to head over and read about it. :) Congrats on passing your licensing interview and I’m glad your parents support your decision. Talk about an adventure. :)

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