The Cross Remains

I should be doing homework right now but I’m not.  This has actualy been a normal occurance this semester.  My brain can not stay on focus when it comes to homework no matter how interesting or applicable it is.  I should be working on a Theo III assignment or writing a sermon but I can’t.  But the one thing that I can focus on is a thought that I had in chapel 2 weeks ago (I have a lot of “thoughts” in chapel)…

I was singing along in worship when we were singing the song Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture and I got stuck in what was being said.  The song goes:

Nothing can separate, Even if I ran away
Your love never fails
I know I still make mistakes But You have new mercies for me everyday
Your love never fails

You stay the same through the ages, Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning
And when the oceans rage I don’t have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails

The wind is strong and the water’s deep, But I’m not alone here in these open seas
Cause Your love never fails
The chasm is far too wide I never thought I’d reach the other side
But Your love never fails

The words to this song struck me: NOTHING can seperate… you stay the same… your love never changes…. Your love never fails.

Through anything we go through, the good or the bad, God stays the same and His love for me, for us never changes.  His love NEVER fails and NOTHING can seperate.  There is no me in that, there is only Him: nothing seperates… You stay… You love…. It is Him and His love; a love that is so definitive, so lasting.  And in that love God sent His Son to die on the Cross.

That act of love remains, the Cross Remains.

When I realized this I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The Cross Remains.  The reason behind the Cross, the very point of my existence, my mission, my calling, my life Remains.

How incredibly beautiful.

In light of anything I come in contact with, be it good, bad or indifferent there is a point… and yet that point is nothing I must make happen for it is something that simply REMAINS. 

As I struggle to stay focused in my studies… as the semester and my college career come to a close… as I figure out where I am going after I graduate I am going to marinate in the truth that His love Remains, that the Cross Remains.


2 thoughts on “The Cross Remains

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  1. Kaitlin
    I rarely comment on any post, but don’t you think that this is the sermon or the basis for the sermon that you are needing to write? Seems as if you have been thinking about it for the past two weeks!!

  2. Susan!

    I love you and miss you! There might be a sermon in this somewhere for sometime just not for right now. The sermon I was needing to write was from Psalm 1 for my Preaching Practicum II class. Most of my posts are either something that I think about for a long amount of time or they are something that screams out to me!

    Thanks for commenting! Feel free to comment more… I would love that!

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