Finishing Strong…

I have ONE semester left at school.  Well if I’m honest I have ONE semester minus ONE week left at school.  In May I will graduate with my Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Ministry and…

I will have:

no more homework


no more classes to attend

My whole life is going to change.

I won’t see friends every day…

I won’t be forced to keep learning…

I won’t automatically have a job…

I won’t have chapel twice a week, staff and faculty that support me and challenge me nor a job that is more interested in me succeeding in life (both school and actual life) than in what I can give to them

I won’t have the safety net of college and the luxury of letting my parents pay my bills…

In LESS than 4 months real life hits… but real life is already a reality:

I have started to think about what life after college looks like: job, location, bills, ministry, friends, relationships, etc.  And as I started to look at all that will change God has been talking to me about these next 4 months and this is what He has said:

Finish Strong

In a semester that holds the lowest amount of units you have ever taken, at a time when you just want to be done… Finish Strong.  Don’t give at the bar but push forward and give your all; whether you could give 50% for an A or not, give all that you are, 100%, to get all that you can get.  I called you to this place, give ME your best in all that you do….

Learn Much

Don’t think that the classes you have will be worthless once you graduate, remember that there is a reason for why I brought you where I have brought you.  Although you may not see why or how all that you are learning, whether it is one small moment in a class or the whole that you learn in that class will affect you at somepoint and sometime.  Value what I have given you

BE Intentional

You only have one short semester left in this place; friends, support, teachers and bosses are all about to change.  Live each moment intentionally, follow through with the people that I have placed in your life so that you are giving all that I have given to you to give.  Just because you are leaving soon do not pull away but instead love deeper.  You won’t always know the impact that one intentional moment will have on a person, one moment where you allowed Me to speak through you.  Be intentional, be diligent, be loving and be true.

Risk Much

Just because you have never done something doesn’t mean you can’t.  Do not shy away from the new and the unknown but instead step forward.  Learn to say yes instead of no!  Look for the adventure, grab the rope with both hands and swing away!


Know that although you don’t know what is going to happen, where I will be taking you nor what your years will amount to know, I do.  Trust that I called you for a purpose.  Trust that I am the same, the same God who changed your life, the same God who has constantly provided for you, the same God who gives good gifts… I am the same.  Trust Me and, in Me, trust those I have given to you.. even though relationships don’t always turn out the way you want, trust that I have placed them there in the shape that they are and allow Me to mold them My way

I know that over the next few months, as the days get shorter and the time draws near that God will continue to speak.  He will be both opening and shutting doors, He will be speaking both loudly and silently, He will change me and refine me.  I have a long way to go in my journey; I have a lot of growing up to do while staying youthful, a lot to learn and a lot to teach, a lot to see and a lot to remember but most of all, just as God continues to both LOVE on me and teach me to see His love, I have a lot of learning n how to love as well as a lot of loving to do….


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