.:Rearview Reflections:.

I don’t know about you but the Holiday (Christmas and New Years) season makes me take stock of my life; where I am at, where I have been, the people that surround me and the changes that have happened and this season hasn’t been any different.

My dad gave each of us, me, my sisters and brother-in-law a picture that summed up the year.  As I looked at the pictures that my dad had chosen for me I couldn’t help but notice the difference that one year had made in my appearance.  But the change in my appearance isn’t the only change that has happened but there have been so many changes that have happened in my life…

But looking back at how my life has changed can’t just be contained to a year but it has been a constant change for years….

2005-6: I turned 16, went to my first dance, kissed a boy for the first time and it was the last time I ever lived with one of my sisters…

2007: Was the first time I ever had a boyfriend and I got to see my oldest sister fall in love…

2008: I graduated from high school, got my first official job, watched my middle sister graduate with her AA, gained an amazing brother and watched my oldest sister get married, sent my dad and sister to Chicago for 10 months…

2009: Moved to California, started Ignite and gained friendships that will last well beyond graduating from college and lost my papa (a man who I miss and think about often; someday, whomever I marry will be someone who he would have been proud to call a grandson)… and right before the end of the year I graduated from Ignite!

2010: Started Life Pacific College, got a job in the Cafe and worked there for 3 months, had an amazing internship at the Northwest Foursquare District Office, learned how to challenge myself in taking risks and got hired in the Registrar’s Office at Life Pacific College.


I now live in an apartment, my very first apartment, with three other girls…

I pay bills…

I only have 15 more units (for the most part) until I will be a college graduate!!

I am more than happy with my appearance for the first time in a long time…

I have worked at my current job for a full year and a half

I am now an aunt to the most amazing lil girl in the whole world (and i’m not biased ;])…

I went on my first official date(!!)…

Experienced a lot of wonderful firsts…

and now… 2012.  What will this next year hold?  Where will God lead me?  What will  He say?  Who will I meet and who will I be?  Tonight isn’t just a start of a calendar year but more it is a springboard to move forward… To move forward but never forget what is behind….

My life is a journey, I have no idea where I will go or who I will be… the view in front of me is beautiful and free but I must never forget that the view in my rearview mirror is just a wonderful because of the stories, the beauty and the lives that are entailed!!

What are you thinking about as 2011 ends and 2012 begins?

What type of rearview reflections do you have today?


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