That One BIG Empty Space

I’m not very good at having space in my life.  I don’t like distance when it is inside of friendships or relationships.  I also don’t like to be bored or to be unproductive.  Lately I have found that there is a space in my life that is very empty and from the outside seemingly unproductive, not because of anything bad but instead because I must wait.  I see an end but I’m not quite there.  The time has flown by and yet at the very same time at this exact moment I feel as though time is moving slower than dried molasses.

When I say that there is a space in my life that is empty I’m not meaning that spot that remains empty no matter what you do or say because it is your soul crying out for relationship with the magnificent Creator.  The space that I’m talking about is fillable.  I just don’t want to fill it with anything else.  It is a space that makes me realize how special my love with the Creator truly is.  It is a space that makes me realize how BIG the Creator is and it causes me to wonder why I find myself ceasing to trust Him fully.

The space that is empty right now is a space that has made me realize just exactly who I am, what I need and want.  It has made me slow down and take notice.  The space has created a desire to be more crafty (don’t ask how it just has).  The space has made me stop, pray and with the help of God dream again, at somepoint I had forgotten how for a while.  The space gives me a greater appreciation for what I appreciate and what drives me crazy about other people.  The space makes me work on my communication, not just how I understand others but how I can make myself understood to them.  The space makes me recognize safety and recognize the difference between something being familiar and something actually fitting.

So for now… I am going to be content to have an empty space.  To accept and even revel in what I’m learning from the space and allowing God to speak into and about the space.  Sometimes space isn’t a bad thing.  Sometimes space is needed for everything to align just right, settle in and bring a puzzle to perfect completion.

Is there any empty space in your life?

Are you allowing God to speak into and about the space?

What have you learned through empty spaces in your life?


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