Simple Words

Sometimes I’m hit by the importance of seemingly simple words.  For me often the seemingly simple and mundane are exactly what my soul longs to hear.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been struck by how meaningful a few simple words can be, how someone’s simple comment can be God’s mega-phone.

Just a few weeks ago a friend was talking to me about how she missed having lunch dates with my roommate and I…

Last year we had met her and another freshman who we had instantly connected with.  We all decided that in light of becoming involved at school we would have a weekly lunch date to hang out and talk about life.  We talked about God, boys and friendship.  Sometimes it was silly and sometimes it was incredibly deep.  I was amazed at the amount of relationship that weekly meal created and the depth of understanding that was created.  Towards the end of last year life just seemed to get in the way and our lunch dates began to dwindle.  Boyfriends came and went, family events sprang up and all remained unshared.  We were still friends… hugs were exchanged, small talk between frantic scurrying ensued but there was a loss of the depth and beauty that came with intentionally meeting…

Until a few weeks ago that is… one of the girls gave me a hug as the semester began and told me how much she missed those lunches and she said just a few simple words that touched my core… as she told me how much she missed those lunches she told me that we were a “safe haven,” a place that she could come, share and not feel judged.  She could be real and she knew that no matter what we loved her.

With those simple words “safe haven” my whole world changed.  For weeks I had been hearing comments from friends who I had seemingly ordinary conversations with that I hadn’t been just talking but instead I had been making an impact.  The things that I had said they counted as “wise.”  I was mystified each time as the reality that my simple words of common sense, truth and hope had spoken so deeply to so many.

It is our simple words that can change lives So why do we hold back?  Why do we think that our willingness to listen, to love and to accept as well as to share and speak is insignificant?  The truth is that when we are looking to God, when we are allowing His love and grace to permeate our lives then that same love that we are receiving is going to pour into the lives that we are invested in.  It isn’t the words necessarily that are impacting and reaching but instead it is the infusion of love in which they are delivered.

Do not allow for doubt to stop the simple words.  Instead, speak simply with love and know that often it is the in-eloquence of words and the simplicity that allows for depth, wisdom and truth to cultivate.

Have you ever been spoken to through simple words?

How do you allow for God to move through your simple words?


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