.::Falling in Love::.

I recently have fallen in love but it’s a different sort of falling in love.  It’s not with a thing or even really with one specific person. I have fallen in love with the group of people that God has placed in my life. All of them.  Young and old.  Short and Tall.  Men and Women.  I have fallen madly in love with them all.  Some for the first time and others for a third or fourth time. 

I am in love and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Have you ever watched someone who is in love?  I have.  I can’t help but watch couples when they are together and in love.  They do the oddest things and honestly, sometimes they are the most unlikely pair.  Two seemingly different and diverse people come together and they end up completing and complimenting each other.  And when they are in love… whoa watch out!  There is an intensity that comes from the couple.  I’m not just talking about the newly together, newly engaged or newly married either… but watch a couple who have been married for 25 years and are even more in love than the day that they were together!  It is simply BREATHTAKING!

When I think about who God has placed in my life I am amazed; family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, ministry partners and young adults.  Sometimes it’s just like a couple in love… the most unlikely and yet here we are living life together.  When one crosses my thoughts and I thank God for the opportunity to love them and to really honestly care, my heart expands and expands until there feels as though there is no room left.  Then when I think my heart is about to explode… God gives me just a little more room and a little more love

That is falling in love… when you think you couldn’t love someone anymore and yet, your heart grows and you learn to love them just a little bit more each day!

I guess in a way it is just like the married couple who has been married for 25 years and are more in love today than on the day they got married.  Over time when the love is true and honest, through test and trial, it grows stronger, purer and greater than when they began.  It continues to grow until you realize that the love you had at the beginning, the love that seemed to be bigger to life has become just a shadow of the love that God has given you through the test of time.

But this love that God has gives me isn’t something that I am suppose to keep to myself.  It is a love that has to be shared.  Just as a love in marriage isn’t just for one person or the other, or even just for the couple, the love grows inside of the marriage to overflows into the lives of those who surround the couple.  And so as I bask in the love of God and that love increases for other people I pray that it will overflow into the lives of those around me!

Have you fallen in love lately?

What kind of falling in love have you experienced?


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