WARNING: Objects may Appear Closer than they Actually Are

God is good.  Really I should just stop this post with those three simple words.  But really that doesn’t even begin to explain how amazing God is, how GREAT His love is for ME and how Glorious He is.  So I guess I will continue…

A few days ago I was standing in my kitchen, cleaning vegetables and cutting them up for my dinner and I was talking to God.  I was praying specifically for a couple of people in my life, that they would receive clarity and confirmation for things going on in their own lives.  And I just stopped and simply asked God, “Am I hearing you correctly, are you really saying what I think you are saying?”

I didn’t ask the question intending for an immediate answer, I just wanted God to know that I was unsure of what I was hearing… was it all in my head, was it all my emotions and desires speaking or was it really God?

Let me stop a moment and RECAPE…. This summer I questioned God a lot about what He was doing in my relationships and why I had thought I had heard Him but that thing hadn’t happened.  In fact the exact opposite of what I thought God had spoken to me had happened.  I had a lot of “Why?” questions were going through my head and the one answer that God gave me was, “WAIT.”  Just wait.  The only explanation that He gave for His answer was that I was to WAIT expectantly as a pregnant mother waits in expectancy for her child.


Back to the story… I was standing in my kitchen, after a summer of waiting, unsure of my ability to hear God correctly and unsure of what God meant by “WAIT” I was asking if what I “thought” God was saying was true.

In that one moment God’s presence descended upon my small kitchen, I started to cry {I’M EMOTION. SO SUE ME.} and God simply said “yes.”  “Yes, you are hearing me.  I love you so much.  More than you will ever know and you are hearing me.”

Well one would think that the story would end there, God answering me that yes in fact I was hearing Him… yea well it doesn’t because I always jump ahead of myself.  When I heard what God was saying, I was really seeing down the road, not exactly where I am at but where this road is leading to.  God was saying “yes” but He wasn’t done with His WAIT.

A few minutes after meeting with God in my kitchen, life did what life does and I had a conversation that left me discouraged.  I was thinking how was what they were saying connected with what God had just said to me?  The conversation I had wasn’t horrible and it wasn’t even stopping what God was saying but it was messing with my interpretation, my understanding of what God was saying.

The story continues the next day.  I was processing what had happened in my kitchen and the conversation that I had had and I was admitting my fear when God spoke again.. and He said, “Slowly.”  “Slowly Kaitlin, as I said WAIT before I am now saying SLOWLY.  A baby when it is born is not able to run or even to hold up its own head but instead over the course of time as the baby matures it is able to move to crawling, to walking and then finally to running.  Go slowly.  What you see is still further away but trust that I am bringing it to pass.”

OBJECTS MAY APPEAR CLOSER THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE.  I think that I often have the tendency to take what God says and jump right in, to start running when it might not actually be the exact right time.  So… no matter how hard it is I must move SLOWLY so that this is able to mature and grow.  I must stop trying to run and learn how to crawl… then walk… and finally run.


Do you ever run into what God is telling you when what is really needed is a slow and easy walk?  What times in your life has God told you to WAIT and when has He told you to SLOW down?


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