Is it worth it?

I haven’t written a post in a while.  I have excuse upon excuse to say why; work got crazy just as school started, friends showed up and I wanted to hang out, school started out in full swing with a full load… the reality is that I was uncomfortable.

I was uncomfortable sitting down and facing my own thoughts because I was scared at what God was calling me to do.

I’m reading a book for my Ministry and Culture class called An Unstoppable Force by Erwin McManus and near the beginning of the book he talks about how the church and Christians convinced themselves that being in the will of God was safe but the reality is that if we are being safe then we are doing our walk with God wrong.  God doesn’t promise safety but instead He tells us outright that following Him will bring pain and trouble.  What we have to decide is… is it worth it?

Is it worth being uncomfortable?  Is He worth me being uncomfortable? Are they worth me being uncomfortable?

What I have found is that all the answers are YES

Yes! it is worth being uncomfortable because although it isn’t all about me and how I feel, I find that allowing myself to be put in the uncomfortable position, allowing God to truly stretch me and it allows me to remember the me that was left behind, the me that had to stay hidden for a while.

Yes! He is worth me being uncomfortable because He is more than I could every imagine, He is more than I will ever understand.  He is more Holy, Worthy, Magnificent, Loving and Glorious.  He is worth it because He made me worth it.

And… Yes!  they are worth it.  The ones who don’t know Him, who don’t know Love, who don’t know Healing and who dont’ know Wholeness.  They are worth a little bit of uncomfortable stretching to introduce them to the Creator of the world.

And so… I must learn now how to embrace being uncomfortable.  How my life isn’t always going to be tied up in a bow, I won’t always have enough hours in the day and… sometimes God is calling us to face the fear that we have held onto and craddled for years.

I am saying YES to the uncomfortable idea of standing on a stage, without anything but a microphone in front of me; nothing to hide me but trusting that God’s Word is alive and true in me.

To be relevant, to be real in a world that is broken and hurting I must not only accept but embrace the uncomfortable and be willing to go into the danger for the miraculous to be experienced….


When and where has God caused you to embrace uncomfortable circumstances?  Is God challenging you today to trust Him in something even though it might make you feel uncomfortable?  Ask yourself: Is… He. It. They… worth it??


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  1. I have definitely been learning this lesson over the past few months. Your thoughts here are so vulnerable and I appreciate that! You’re a great writer, and I look forward to seeing what God does with your willingness to be uncomfortable for Him. :)

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