The Beginning of something…

I’m at the very beginning of a new adventure. Growing Up.
I’m in the midst of a current adventure. College.
I’m well into and yet still at the very beginning of my largest adventure. LIFE.

It’s been a week since I spent my first night in my new apartment, and by new apartment I mean the first and only apartment I have ever had.  It is slightly intimdating and yet exhilirating all at the same time. 

In less than a week I’ve moved almost all my worldly possesssions into one apartment to be shared with three other girls. Yikes!

I’ve aquired numerous other possessions that I hadn’t needed until now…

I cleaned out an entire fridge using q-tips, bleach, white vinegar, lysol and a little more bleach ;).

I’ve swept off the steps and the porch, taken out the trash, done laundry and the dishes….

And I’ve loved every moment of it, including the cleaning.  Every moment…. while I was sweaty, gross and covered in who knows what I was enjoying what I was doing.  I would stop, hear the slight breeze through the leaves, the sound of children playing at the pool, I would glance out the window and smile before getting back to work.  I couldn’t help but feel blessed to be where I was, doing what I was doing for the very first time.  I can’t tell you how many times my mom and dad would have to tell me growing up to do my chores before actually doing it.  I never felt blessed for the chores or happy that it was my turn to clean the bathroom, again.  Even when living in the dorms, cleaning and checking out at the end of the semester was a nightmare that I was constantly dreading. 

So what makes the difference?  I’m pretty sure it’s not age…. since it was just last May that I last deep cleaned a dorm room and it was just as dreaded as the first time I did it 2 years previously.  I think instead it has to do with  my ownership.  This apartment is my own.  I work hard for the money that I use to pay for this apartment and everything that is inside of it.  Growing up I didn’t work for the house that I lived in.  My parents owned it and I just occupied space.  I took for granted my dorm room because it wasn’t 100% associated in my mind with the money that went into my school bill.  My ownership at home and in the dorms was different.

I found joy in keeping clean something that I had a part in, something that was my own.  And as I was cleaning I couldn’t help but realize that this just as my ownership in my apartment changes my attitude towards chores, so should my “ownership” in Christ change my attitude towards my faith.  The chores that need to be done on a daily basis, such as reading the bible, praying, fellowship, repentence, etc., should be a time of joy and contentment because I have ownership.  They should be something I want to do because I am involved.  My faith is not longer of my parents, it isn’t something I have because they have, but instead this faith is my own and I need to live in that. 

In my life at my apartment I have to be intentional… I can’t wait for someone else to take out the trash, sweep the floor or put away the dishes I have to take the initiative.  

And so it begins…. the beginning of the rest of my life; to watch my attitude and be intentional because I have ownership in my life and in my faith.

Have you realized your ownership yet? 

Are you living your life intentionally and with an attitude of joy towards the day to day chores of both life and faith? 

Where does God meet you in your day to day activities?


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