.:Simple Pleasures:.

This summer has definitely taught me a lot about simple pleasures.  About thinking about myself and what it is that I want.  About doing what I need and want to do for myself. 

I learned that laughing loudly, with everything within you, without abandon, over something silly is simply freeing.

I learned that “living” by a train track is actually extremely relaxing and that having doors open allows you to appreciate the soft wind.

I learned that I don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping in late or staying up late.

I learned that sometimes the best medicine is spending time with yourself.  And other times the best medicine is reaching out to others.

I learned that it’s okay to focus on myself.

I learned that simple pleasures are often the best: hearing the birds chirp as you walk to work, coffee in the morning, mushrooms with dinner.

The last few days, as I’ve house sat just a small walk from my school, I’ve felt completely ALIVE.  I have found that I no longer am missing a part of who I am; I am fully myself and I am living in a world that is astonishingly beautiful.  I am blessed beyond reason by God to be apart of ALL this.  Amazing isn’t it to think about the beauty that surrounds us daily and that we often walk on by The beauty of the sun in the middle of the scorching heat.  The beauty of the trees swaying in a slight breezeThe beauty of flowers that are blooming all around us.  Even the beauty of an overcast day in the middle of the summer


And as I have been learning and as I begin to experience and appreciate the beauty around me I realize that I am happy.

I can’t remember the last time that I felt this happy, which is kind of a saddening thought.  But the happiness that I have isn’t something that I have done anything to receive, it’s something that I know is given to me.  A gift for the summer from the One who loves me more than anyone else ever could.  I still have stressful things in my life but… God is looking out for me, He loves me and is going to provide for me.  I have learned that life is about finding our balance with those things in life that God has brought about for our pleasure and with the day to day of the world and the pressure that come with.

Have you taken time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life?  Have you realized who has given you those simple pleasures and why? 

 .:Take time to smell the flowers, stand in the sun and feel a slight summer breeze:. 

:Laugh heartily and love freely:

. Simple Pleasures.


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