Bucket List :)

Recently I’ve started thinking about all the things that I want to do in and with my life and I realized that I have never actually wrote them down.  So I figured I would write them down for all to see and hopefully there will be progress :)  They aren’t in any particular order but here are 50 plus things I want to do before I die, enjoy!

  1. Go Skydiving (even though I have a fear of heights)
  2. Go to Canada (I lived at the most 6 hrs away from Canada for most of my life and have still never gone)
  3. Go on vacation to somewhere tropical
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Marry a strong, caring, silly, motivated man of God who goes after what he wants in life :)
  6. Be involved in a flash mob
  7. Work with Foster families
  8. Graduate with my Bachelors Degree
  9. DONE

  10. Go on a road trip across the United States
  11. DONE

  12. Learn to budget well( save more money than I spend)
  13. Own a house, specifically a semi large barn style house with enough bedrooms for kids and visitors, a large enough yard that a (pretend) wedding could be held, with large trees for a tire swing and a hammock, with a front porch for summer nights and maybe including a reddish door, light yellow paint and a white picket fence… but really I’m not picky ;)
  14.  write notes of encouragement to friends at least once a week
  15. Read one “fun” book a month even during school
  16. Learn one new thing a day, be it small or large
  17. Take a risk at least once a month (starting Summer ’11)
  18. Do something new once a month (starting Summer ’11)
  19. Never say no to a new opportunity just because it scares me
  20. Take a vacation without any concrete plans
  21. Write a book
  22. Visit: Prague, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Tunisia, etc. as well as go back to Spain and Morocco.
  23. Watch both the sunset and sunrise at a beach with someone special
  24. Have biological, foster and adopted kids
  25. Own a moped (closest thing to a motorcycle that I’m willing to drive myself)
  26. Learn how to mountain bike
  27. Get a dog for myself… train it commands myself
  28. Own a/start a book exchange/library/store
  29. Fly in a hot air balloon
  30. Go on a blind date at least once
  31. Take a dance class (June 2011)
  32. Go snorkeling
  33. Fall in love, be in love and stay in love (get married and celebrate 50+ years of marriage)
  34. Change the world for at least one person
  35. Sleep under the stars
  36. Be a public speaker
  37. Be a pastor no matter my job title
  38. DOING

  39. See Fireflies
  40. DONE

  41. Go ice skating on a real frozen lake/pond
  42. Travel around the US:  Visit WA DC, San Francisco (the Golden Gate Bridge and travel in a cable car), travel all over the East Coast; Cape Cod, Boston, etc. Go to Florida, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.  Visit NY again and see the Statue of Liberty.
  43. Go to a Broadway play (multiple times hopefully :])
  44. DONE

  45. Be surprised by the people I love and learn to be okay with it
  46. Ride a horse on the beach
  47. Get married outside; on the beach or on a hill in a field
  48. Plant a willow tree and watch it grow
  49. Have a large garden
  50. Mentor and encourage those I mentor to mentor others
  51. Learn more/teach my children Spanish
  52. Relearn how to play the piano, brush up on my guitar skills and sing in public
  53. DOING

  54. Live my life with purpose and passion
  55. Live where I can see/watch the stars
  56. Take time every day to come into God’s presence; listening to Him and spending quality time with Him.
  57. Go to the top of the Seattle Space Needle
  58. Travel by train
  59. Learn how to scuba dive
  60. Go to a concert (Dierks Bently at the Anaheim Angels game)
  61. Meet a true legend: To Be Decided
  62. Go skinny dipping
  63. Buy a car, specifically a truck
  64. Go shooting
  65. Take a Canopy Tour
  66. Sew one whole outfit for myself as well as sew for my kids
  67. Join the Toastmasters
  68. Learn to create boundaries and say no without feeling guilty; be kind without getting walked all over
  69. Sleep in a castle
  70. Become more organized
  71. Learn how to live with less
  72. Become more technologically savvy (oy vey!)
  73. Be the best of who I can be for myself and for others
  74. Always tell people the impact they have had on me
  75. Have a New Year’s Eve Kiss

I’m sure that there will end up being more than this but… since I didn’t even think I would get to 30 I think I’ll stop here for now… and start to work on these! :)

What’s on your bucket list?


7 thoughts on “Bucket List :)

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  1. Oh Kaitlin,

    I absolutely love your bucket list. I’ve actually been meaning to write mine down and post it somewhere so I can start crossing it off. Funny thing is, there are many many things on your list that are on mine, which made me laugh a lot. #11 (the house) theres so much about it that I am in complete agreement about, I want most of that too! :) About #10, I’m taking a class through my church, Financial Peace University, and oh my goodness its fantastic. I’m learning sooo stinkin much about fincances and budgeting! I was so excited about it that I even made my own spreadsheet so that it’d be easier to do. Lets just say I’m a little bit of a nerd. Actually kind of a huge closet nerd who comes out when theres budgets to be worked on ;) As for #39…all ya gotta do is come visit me and we can hit up: Cape Cod, Boston, NY, Ben&Jerry’s Factory (that’s not on your list but I think you’d love it anyways – Vermont…haven’t been to the factory yet but its ice cream..what’s not to love?

    Love always,


    1. Oh Lizzy, ;)

      I love you! haha this is great! I had so much fun putting together my bucket list because it really made me think about what I wanted to do and the legacy that I want to leave. So awesome! I finally had to cut myself off! haha I know I know! I will definitely be coming to visit you and we will hit it all up! ummm and I would love to go to Vermont… makes me want to watch White Christmas just thinking about it…. Ben & Jerry’s Factory? ohhh dear sounds glorious! hahahaha :) I think that you should definitely write one up and post it on your blog… mostly cause I want to read it and… possibly glean ideas off of it! haha! Now that I’ve written up a bucket list I think I want to do a dream board… I’ve never actually done one and I think it would be huge for me right now! :) Miss you, love you, skype soon and or phone date??


    1. haha the funny thing is that I totally know where the Thornewood castle is… I found it last summer when I was looking up stuff for the district office haha and if you have ever seen any Stephen King movies this castle was the castle from that movie… :)

      Do it that will be super amazing… oh dear but… I’ve started using Evernote… hahaha :)

      Love you so very much!! <3

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