A rose by any other name…

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)

Although it is true that a name does not define who someone is or what someone can do, a name is important.  In the Ancient Near East (I’m going to go a little bible college on you) a person’s name was meant to encapsulate who that person was, the impact that they had on the people around them presently as well as in the future.  If you look at the names in the bible and the characters who hold those names you will see a distinct connection to what their name meant and how God was able to use them.  And so we see a struggle in thought about the importance of a name.  Does a name define who we are, imprison us into one “destiny?” Or instead, is a name something we go by that doesn’t describe the essence of our being but something that distinguishes us from someone else?

I waiver somewhere in-between these two seemingly contradictory thoughts; that a name differentiates us from everyone else but can also come to describe the ouisa of who we are.  I believe in the power of all words to take and give life, to express what God is speaking and to show who you are.  The power of one single word can be seen through the simple expression of “I love you” spoken from parent to child or of “I hate you” spoken from a child to a parent.  Those simple words speak either life or death quickly into the soul of a person.  And so, a name as well can have the power to define who a person is meant to be, their potential and how God is going to/has been working through and in their lives but at the same time a name does not hinder the potential of all that a person could be nor does it cage that person with one “destiny.”  A name is just as name, and yet, it describes better than any other what or who that person is.

In thinking of words and names the phrase Normal Beautiful seems contradictory just as the two thoughts above could be taken as being contradictory but if you look closer you can see that just as God used one force, death, to produce another, life, so to does the name normal beautiful bring seemingly contradictory thoughts together.  The origin of the name has a rather interesting story; it all began at coffee with a boy that I liked.  We were sitting having coffee when all of a sudden he started asking me questions about the type of guys I found attractive.  I can’t seem to remember if the conversation had stemmed from a comment made or a picture seen but I do know that it seemed to be a peculiar topic to discuss.  But I explained the different types of guys that I have been attracted to and the general attributes that I find attractive over all in guys.  He then asked me a rather odd question about if there are different types of attractiveness.  I paused, thought about the question and asked for him to elaborate.  He explained that for him there were different types of beauty; drop dead gorgeous, normal beautiful, normal, plain, etc.  I wasn’t exactly tracking with him; although it seems rather straightforward on paper I was very shocked that he was telling me that he consciously put girls on different beauty levels.  He then told me, “You —–, for example, are normal beautiful.  You aren’t drop dead gorgeous but you are pretty; the pretty that is just normal.”  Let me just tell you guys, don’t ever say that to a girl because she will NEVER forget it.  When he said it I was extremely offended because every girl wants to feel like the prettiest girl in the room, even if she isn’t.  But the phrase that he used struck me.  There was something about normal beautiful that was poetic and intriguing.

This is what I have come to realize about Normal Beautiful….

Normal beautiful is a slight breeze on a hot summer’s day.  Normal beautiful is a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to the office.  Normal beautiful is re-reading your favorite novel on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Normal beautiful is fresh cut grass, birds chirping in the morning and peaceful sunsets.  Normal beautiful is the everyday things that are still so beautiful.  Normal beautiful is reachable, tangible, real and alive. 

That is my hope, that this blog would bring seemingly contradictory things from life together in a real, reachable and tangible way.  That what I have to offer is full of love, hope and joy in a way that reaches people’s hearts and lives.  I want this to be full of the normal beautiful, everyday simple things that are life and yet, are so much more. 

May you find that you yourself are normal beautiful as well; reachable, tangible, real and present.


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