Spring Cleaning!

It all started with a vacuum cleaner. First one person did their area, then the next and then the next until it was my turn.  I vacuumed the area around my desk and by the front door but I couldn’t just stop with the vacuuming. Instead, I began to clean the chairs infront of my desk that had been bugging me for weeks. There were stains from who knows what all over the seat and dust all over the chair.  I had been staring at them for a couple of weeks thinking about how dirty they were and how much they needed to get washed.  I really had no idea what I was getting myself into as I found pound upon pound of dust, dirt and some sort of substance that most likely was a mixture of sweat and dirt and random material transferred from student’s hands.  This then lead to me deep cleaning the outside of my desk, moving the glass top, cleaning both sides and then deep cleaning every corner and crevice of my desk.  Then I cleaned a book shelf that I am sure hasn’t been touched with a cleaning product in at least a year.  I stopped at that point for lunch but there is so much more that needs to get cleaned…

Oh Spring Cleaning!

The funny thing is that I am generally not a clean freak.  I actually normally dislike to clean in general.  Ask my roommate.  My desk during the school year is a monster of stuff stacked upon other stuff.  I’m organized in my own way but you wouldn’t know if you looked at my desk.  Not at work.  My desk is always at least semi-organized and is always cleaned off before I leave.  But this always happens when I start to clean in the office… I start cleaning one part of the office and it always seems to evolve from there.

This led me to start thinking about the whole point of Spring Cleaning: taking a time to clean out the cobwebs, to get rid of the junk that has piled up, to become organized and to start fresh and new.  And I realized…

Wait isn’t that what I’m doing in my life?

I’m cleaning out the cobwebs and getting rid of the things that I don’t need physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I’m taking time to go through the pile up and figure out what I really need to keep and what I can get rid of.  I’m organizing my life: seeing what I need for now, what won’t be used during this season and what just needs a little more time on the shelf.    I’m starting fresh and new.  Finding new hobbies, figuring out who I really am and using what is there effectively.

Sometimes we need a little Spring Cleaning in our lives both literally and figuratively.  Sometimes we need to STOP, take a STEP BACK, survey what is going on in our lives and listen to what God is saying to us. 

Strip everything down to the bare bones and clean the cobwebs out.  Scrub and shine, rearrange and organize until it is put back the way it needs to be.

New.  Different.  Scary.  Alive.  Functioning.  Sometimes it’s time for a little Spring Cleaning.


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