Everything but the kitchen sink…

Welcome to my blog that is going to be about everything and pretty much anything I come across in life…but the kitchen sink.  I’m on the “road” leaving childhood behind and attempting to embrace becoming an adult… but the thing is that I’m quickly finding that growing up isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  Because sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way that we expect or even want, sometimes we have to do things the hard way and, well, sometimes life isn’t always smooth sailing. 

All summer I have been thinking about blogs, something that has never really caught my attention before, and for some reason, time and time again, I would come across a friends blog and I would think “Could I do that?”  So… finally, here I am.  Please excuse me if my writing isn’t superb or my thought are chaotic but I hope that you enjoy what I’ve got to offer on random anythings except the kitchen sink. <3


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